Welcome to Finland’s first-ever Hemp and Herb Expo

Discover the miraculous world of hemp and herbs

Hemp has had a negative reputation partly due to the War On Drugs started by the United States in 1937 based largely on false assumptions. In reality, hemp is one of the most versatile and valuable argicultural plants known to mankind. Exhibitors from various fields of hemp industry will demonstrate various ways to utilize this green power plant for purposes such as food, cosmetics, clothing, construction material, health products, and more.

Different ways of using various herbs for food or as health products or frangances and incenses for vaporizers, as well as vaporizers, growing equipment and plant nutrients will be also be on display.


By growing your own herbs, you get to use them at their best – when they’re still fresh.


Delicious and healthy food made from hemp and herbs.


Fashionable, sustainable, comfortable and ecological clothes made from hemp.


For centuries, various herbs have been used to maintain good health.


Ecological, fragnant and wholesome balms and skin care products.


By vaporizing dried herbs you can enjoy their fresh aromas.

Artisanal products

Best products from artisans.

Event program

A medical conference on the topic of medical marijuana is held on Friday.

Various presentations, lectures and panel discussions take place on Saturday and Sunday. The event program will be announced later.